How it Works

In India, food is a tradition in itself. The keepers of this tradition are our mothers. Every mother in her lifetime plans over 32 thousand meals. Each of these meals are planned not only to keep the palate tasty, but also to add adequate nutritional value to our lives. Every mother / homemaker endeavours to cook and serve fresh meal, every time. They also ensure that the various ingredients used for cooking has enough and more than just mere taste. However, in today’s day and time, when most people are on the go. Or, have to move away from their homesteads, this essential part of daily existence- the comfort of having well planned meal- is taking a back seat. And, in the name of ‘grab a bite,’ people just tend to eat whatever looks good, or fits the budget. These so called, “meals to go” are catered to purely lure the palate. Little care is taken towards planning a wholesome diet.

Freshness, Purity, Seasonal & Hygienic are the core values on which Home for Food Traditions is working each day to bring out food products with touch professionalism to match expectations of new India. 

As our responsibility towards society, we are also encouraging rural women (from villages of Delhi) and semi-literate boys & girls to get trained in modern cooking, as a part of our Skill India initiative. We are also partnering with many NGOs providing training and employment to under privileged individuals.