Plum cake has historically referred to an early type and style of fruitcake in England since around 1700. Raisins and currants were used, which the English referred to as plums since around 1660. Plum cakes during this period were raised by whipping air into the cakebatter, rather than by the use of yeast.[1] In Great Britain, the term plum cake still typically refers to what most Americans refer to as a type of fruitcake, and the term plum originally referred to prunes, raisins or grapes in England. In Old English, the term plūme was "from medieval Latin pruna, from Latin prunum, which equated to prune. Plum pudding is a similar dish prepared with similar ingredients, cooked by steaming the mixture rather than baking it.[3]

In contemporary times, plum cake may also refer to a type of cake prepared using plum as a primary ingredient.[3] In some versions, after cooking, the plums may become jam-like inside of the cake.

Source: Wikipedia

Our PLUM CAKE is prepared by Soaking Rich Dry Fruits like Walnuts, Almonds, Raisins, Pine nuts, Cashews and Currants along with RUM, RED WINE, BRANDY & SCOTCH WHISKY for minimum period 30 days for Christmas & New Year Celebrations.

Size: 400 Gms


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PLUM CAKE (400 Gms)

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